Driving Lessons at JID Driving School
Driving Lessons at JID Driving School

Theory and Hazard Perception Training

This part of your training comes in two parts, both of which must be passed before you can apply for the practical driving test. Should you require any further assistance, one to one training is always available.

Driving Lessons are carried out to DSA requirements. The full DSA syllabus is covered and from the very start of your training a record of your progress will be kept so that any time you can see how you are performing.

Pass Plus Driving Scheme

Now you have passed your driving test, why not take those skills you have acquired to a more advanced level. The course comprises of 6 modules and a minimum of 6 hours training is required. The Pass Plus course is recommended by the DSA, it has many benefits and will go towards making you into a more confident and complete driver. Once course completed, can lower insurance costs.

Motorway Driving Lessons

Motorway driving lessons are for any driver who has acquired a full driving licence by passing the practical driving test. All aspects of motorway driving are covered, including how to deal with breakdowns and other emergences.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive courses are becoming more and more popular, because you will learn to drive over a one or two week period, depending on experience, rather than take up to eight months. Whether you spread the course over one or two weeks will depend on whether you have already had some driving tuition.

Keep it Safe Driving Course

JID Driving offer this Road Safety Driving Course which is aimed at qualified drivers who need specific help with certain aspects of driving such as Motorways, Reversing and Night Driving etc...

Refresher Driving Lessons

These lessons are for drivers who have a full license, but may have not driven for quite some time and need to rediscover those skills they once had. It can be a very rewarding experience and will give you the confidence to get back behind the wheel and onto the open road again.